Custom Plush Commissions




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Custom plush commission handmade by Rhi & D Dept. 

While our focus is primarily selling our own designs through our online shop, we do occasionally accept custom orders! Please check out all the information below to get an idea of how our customs work, along with some base pricing for our custom plush commissions.



Quick Facts

  • Processing Time:  2 weeks to 6 months (depends on the plush requested).
  • Pricing:  Starts at $70 USD and increases based on materials, size, details, etc.
  • Any size, materials, and styles/type of custom plush offered.
  • From a smoke-free but pet-friendly home.
  • 100% handmade by the two of us.




STEP 1  |   Send us a message
  • Email us at
  • Fill out our Contact Us form here 
  • Be sure to include the following in your email/request:
      • Size
      • Materials (if you aren't sure, we can help)
      • How many (if more than one plush)
      • Any extras (see Extras list under the Prices section)
      • Timeframe (if there is a hard deadline/rush)
      • Delivery address (to determine shipping costs)
      • Any pictures (photos or drawings are fine)
      • The password contained in our Terms & Conditions

STEP 2  |   Discuss pricing and details of your inquiry

STEP 3  |   Pay for your plushWe will then send you an invoice on PayPal or create a custom listing for you here on our site.

STEP 4  |   Wait for your plush to be made!  This is an exciting time, but please be patient, as this can take a couple weeks up to a few months ♥︎ But it is well worth the wait!




    The process for our custom plush commissions works as follows:

    Request a Price Quote
    Send Payment
     We Make Your Plush
     Confirmation and Ship Your Plush

    ⬇︎  Please read a detailed layout of the process below  ⬇︎


    Request a Price Quote

    • Reach out to us to discuss the details of your plush commission request.
    • During this time we'll ask you about fabric, sizing, details, timeframe, etc.
    • We will also send a moodboard with some fabric choices for you to choose from. If you'd like a prototype sketch, you will need to pay a non-refundable $20 upfront (this will count toward your custom price).
    • Once materials are chosen and details discussed, we will give you a price quote.
    • Price quotes are valid for up to 3 months; after that your quote is subject to change and you will need to resubmit a new inquiry.

    • We will send you an invoice via PayPal. Optionally, we can create a custom listing for you here on our shop site.
    • Payment is required upfront, unless otherwise noted. Any payment plans must be discussed before we create your invoice or listing.
    • Payment plans are available for customs $200 and above, and we can set them up through PayPal, or here on our website via a custom listing for you. If you'd like to know more about payment plans, just send us a message :)
    • Regardless of paying upfront or via a Payment Plan, full payment will need to be completed before we ship your plush.

    Making Your Custom Plush
    • Once you've paid for your custom plush, we'll begin making it!
    • During this time we will be developing the pattern, embroidery files, gathering materials and fabrics, and testing prototypes.
    • We will post WIP photos on our social media accounts, and can email you progress photos upon request.
    • This time is very busy for us, so please don’t expect us to reach out to you every single day about your custom plush. You are welcome to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to see the progress. You can also reach out to us for occasional updates and any questions, but again please do not expect updates every day, as this is just not feasible. We make plushies on the side of our "real jobs" so it's a lot of work and time to constantly message several people every day ♥︎

    Completion and Shipping Your Plush
    • Once complete, we will send you finished pictures of your plush to make sure you are happy with the result.
    • You can let us know at this point if you want any revisions (keep in mine that certain revisions will cost extra. What those revisions are and how much extra they will cost are solely up to our discretion).
    • Once you are happy with your plush, we will confirm the shipping address and then ship your custom plush with tracking and insurance included.



    • Processing time for custom plush commissions varies from 2 weeks to 6 months.
    • The exact processing time for your custom plush will be determined when we discuss details and pricing.
    • Patience is required to ensure your plush's quality as there can be unforeseen delays. Although our waitlist can look daunting, we tend to work quickly once a plush is in progress, but at times outside factors such as health, family, event preparation, and human need to take small breaks to avoid burnout can affect our schedule. We always try to keep everyone on board of any delays on our social media outlets.



    • Shipping for is not included in the base price and will be calculated on a case by case basis.
    • Note that shipping can be expensive depending on your location and the size/weight of your finished item.
    • We ship packages once a week.
    • Shipping varies; typically 5-7 business days (domestic), and up to several weeks for international orders. We are not responsible for any delays in shipping.
    • Once your item is shipped, we are no longer responsible for it.




    Materials Used for Our Plushies

    We use any materials requested, including (but not limited to):
    • Minky
    • Plush fleece
    • Faux fur
    • Faux leather
    • Faux suede
    • Velvets and other stretch fabrics
    • UV and Glow-in-the-Dark thread and fabrics
    • and much, much more!

    We can use any material you'd like, however please keep in mind that the more materials types you pick, the more your plush will cost. Minky, faux furs and leathers, and other "premium" materials cost more than plush fleece.

    Minky is used for all custom plushies by default. However if you are looking for a less expensive alternative, you may choose plush fleece instead.

    We also offer embroidery and applique on all custom plushies.

    Can I send you my own fabric to make a plush with? 
    No, we do not accept fabric from anywhere other than the manufacturers we buy our fabric from. This is due to severe allergies that we've dealt with from previous buyers sending us their own fabric, so we only use the specific fabrics we buy ourselves. We're sorry, but there are no exceptions to this.


    Sizes Offered

    We offer any size requested, however we prefer to create plushies approximately 6" and larger. Any smaller, and the details become much more difficult to work with and don't look nearly as nice.

    We are willing and able to make super jumbo plushies (36"+), but please keep in mind the larger your custom plush, the more it will cost.


    Styles & Types

    We can create any style or type of plush you'd like, including (but not limited to):

    • Beanies
    • Standing, sitting, or laying
    • Floppy plushies
    • Tsum Tsum or loaf plushies
    • Poseable and/or jointed
    • Scented
    • Light-up plushies
    • Plushies with sound boxes
    • and much, much more!

    Will Make:
    Pokemon, Digimon, Neopets, tony, MLP plushies, fursonas, original characters (OC and YCH), video game and anime characters, realistic animals, chibi animals, food plushies, reversible plush, humanoids, with and without clothing/accessories, and more.

    Will Not Make:
    Disney characters, NSFW plush, genitalia, realistic humans, gravity defying plushies.




    Price ranges for our custom plush commissions

    Our plushies are grouped by price points according to their size, and Humanoid vs Non-Humanoid. These prices are estimates ONLY and should not be taken as guaranteed prices, but rather a very rough spectrum of what you can expect to pay for a custom plush.

    Each custom plush is unique, and can be lower or higher than these prices, depending on several factors. Please still message us to get a specific price quote for your custom plushie order.

    Humanoid Plushies

    Small (6"-9")

    Medium (10"-15")

    Large (16"-20")

    Extra Large (21"-24")
    * shipping restrictions may apply 

    Jumbo (25"-30")
    * shipping restrictions may apply

    Gigantic (30"+)
    shipping restrictions may apply

    Non-Humanoid Plushies

    Small (6"-9")

    Medium (10"-15")

    Large (16"-20")

    Extra Large (21"-24")
    * shipping restrictions may apply 

    Jumbo (25"-30")
    * shipping restrictions may apply

    Gigantic (30"+)
    shipping restrictions may apply

    *** Postage for larger/heavier plush may be calculated upon completion to avoid under/overcharging. These costs can range anywhere from $20-$70+ for both domestic and international orders. Please keep this in mind before ordering as there will be no refunds if you are unable to pay for shipping once your plush is completed.


    - permanent (non-removable) + $20-$100
    - removable + $50-$100
    - interchangeable outfits  price varies
    weapons or large accessories + $10-$100
    removable/functional features + $5-$20
    pouches/pockets + $10 (+$5 for each additional pocket after first one)
    wire/plastic armature + $10-$30
    joints + $5 per joint
    sound box + $20
    Light-up features + $30-$100
    polybean filling + $5
    scented plush + $10
    specialized fabric (fur, leather, vinyl, satin, etc.)  price varies **see "Materials" section for more info**
    complex markings (spots, stripes, asymmetrical design, etc.) + $20-$50
    complex embroidery or applique (tattoos, scars, filigree, etc.) + $20 and up
    gradient embroidery + $30 and up
    physical features (wings, hair, extra tails, extra head/mouth, etc.) + $20 and up
    embroidered paws
    - flat embroidery/applique + $5 per paw
    - puffy paws/toe beans + $10 per paw
    3D features / applique (eyes, spots, etc.)
    - eyes + $10 per pair
    - spots/stripes + $5 per spot/stripe
    - flat claws (strip of felt or minky) + $5
    - complex stuffed claws (bird/dragon talons) + $20



    Guaranteed Picks

    Below are some custom plushies we've really been wanting to make! It's not required, however if you happen to pick one of these, the chances of us accepting your plush commission will be much higher, you'll have priority, and the price will be significantly lower.

    Blupee (Legend of Zelda BOTW)

    Prince Sidon (Legend of Zelda BOTW)




    Kyogre (Regular of Primal form)

    Berzerk Fuhrer (Zoids)

    Reaper (Subnautica)

    Snow Stalker (Subnautica Below Zero)

    Chomper (Plants vs Zombies)

    Kurama ('realistic' or chibi)

    Gecko Moria (One Piece)



    Why These Prices for Custom Plush?

    Unfortunately hand crafted work does tend to run pretty high cost-wise! Keep in mind that on top of material costs we also need to account for our time and expertise, overheads like machine maintenance, rent, power, etc, and business taxes. We do understand that prices can get pretty high and we're always open to discussing budgets and payment plans. Please also keep in mind that the above prices are estimates, and don't 100% reflect the cost of your specific plush :) See our blog post "How We Price Our Work" for more on the subject!


    Cleanliness & Allergy Info

    • Our house is completely smoke free (this includes free of e-cigs/vaping, traditional cigarettes, cigars, and weed/joints). Neither of us smoke.
    • We do however have a cat, some fish, and reptiles in our home. Our cat is hypo-allergenic yet he is not allowed in our fabric room. However, given the nature of cats and their hair, it is possible for some cat hair to spread throughout the air. Please keep this in mind and commission us at your own risk if you have any cat allergies.

    Care & Washing Instructions

    • Please do not machine wash your custom plush!  We recommend spot cleaning with soap and water and air drying.  Stain removers may be used, but please check on an inconspicuous spot to make sure it doesn’t affect the fabric color.
    • Other than soap you can also use rubbing alcohol or alcohol cleaning wipes. It does nothing to the fluffiness of the minky fabric, it leaves no residue, it sanitizes and removes stains. The alcohol smell is strong for a little while, but after leaving them to air the smell goes away with nothing left but super soft and clean minky.
    • For removing dust we recommend lint rollers. Don't worry; it won't make the plush sticky— they don't leave any residue

    Handling Your Plush

    • The plushies we make can definitely be cuddled and handled! The only downside to frequent handling is that the stuffing may become less compact over time.
    • They aren't suitable for rough play though, nor are they safety tested, so please take care when giving it to a child.

    Age Restriction

    • We do not sell custom plush to anyone under the age of 18. Period. No exceptions. This is for a few reasons, mainly because we've had issues with kids buying things on here without permission from their parents. This never ends well for either party; the parents contact us angrily demanding refunds and we usually get screwed into issuing a refund even though our shop policies clearly state no refunds for customs. So we don't play this game anymore. Also, kids are extremely aggravating to work with, sorry :/ Also, our plushies are not meant for children or for rough play. They are collector's pieces meant for light snuggling. We are not responsible if you (an adult 18+) purchase a plush from us for a young kid and the plush becomes unraveled or damaged due to rough play.





    We are a very small shop (it’s just the two of us making and running everything). We ask that you please be understanding of this and be respectful of our time too. We are real people with lives and create plush on the side (I have a full time job outside of Rhi & D Dept), and as such are not available 24/7. We work throughout the week, and occasionally during the weekends when we have nothing else going on. We try to spend our weekends relaxing, enjoying our home, and spending time together. We will never waste your time, and we ask that you please respect our time as well ♥︎ Plush commissions can take quite some time to complete. We recommend not rushing us if you wish to have the best quality plush we can create for you. Rushing us, harassing us, or acting rude will result in your order/commission being cancelled and blacklisted from all future commissions.