Terms and Conditions for Custom Commissions

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Below are our Terms and Conditions for all our custom commissions. These apply to custom plush commissions, digital art commissions, custom statue commissions, and so on.

Please read through our terms before inquiring about a custom commission. By commissioning us for a custom, you agree to all our T&Cs listed on this page.

When inquiring about a custom commission, include the password contained near the bottom of this page to acknowledge that you have read all the T&Cs listed below. Inquiries that don't contain the T&Cs password may be ignored or delayed.



  • We accept payment through PayPal or via a custom listing on our website.We do not accept Deviantart Points, eCheck, Bitcoin, or any other crypto-currency.
  • In most cases, payment is required upfront before we begin working on your custom. If your custom is over $200 we can discuss payment plans if you wish. If you've commissioned something from us in the past you are welcome to pay in installments while we work on your custom, regardless of price; whether you choose to or not is totally up to you!
  • If paying through PayPal, we will send you an invoice for your custom. Your PayPal invoice will include shipping.
  • If you prefer to have us create a custom listing for you, please let us know. This will also allow you to leave a review on our website once your custom is done, which is always appreciated! ♥︎



  • Pricing is determined by complexity, materials, size, timeframe, etc.
  • We do offer rush processing on your order, but at additional cost (typically 50% of or double the price of your custom). Please ask beforehand if you need something rushed so we can see if it's possible.
  • We sometimes offer small discounts on multiple orders placed at the same time, but this varies case by case.
  • Prices are subject to change any time without notice. If you've already paid for a commission, this won't affect you for that commission. Future commissions however may be affected.
  • Price quote are valid for 3 months; if you choose to wait past those 3 months you will need to ask for a new price quote.
  • Revisions to the final product may incur additional charges. What types of revisions result in additional charges varies from case to case, but generally redoing embroidery, completely altering a plush pattern that is already assembled, an entire repaint or re-sculpt of a finished statue, major pose changes to drawings, and other large-scale revisions will require additional payment before said revisions will be made. These additional charges aren’t common, however they do require a significant amount of time and work and thus are not free.
  • Any discount codes do NOT apply to our custom commissions.



  • By commissioning us, you agree to wait up to 2 months for us to begin your commission. Don't panic though! It usually takes way less time than that, but please just keep this in mind. If this is the case, we will tell you upfront before you pay for your custom commission.
  • Production time varies depending on our current workload, the details of your custom (size, complexity, etc), and any other unforeseen circumstances that may arise. The average production time is 3-4 weeks, but this is an average, not a guarantee. We will always give you an estimate before you pay for your custom.
  • Production time on your custom may increase at any time. This is very rare, but if this happens, we will notify you immediately along with a new estimated timeframe.
  • You can view our current queue here to get an idea of how much work we currently have and where your commission would fall in line.
  • We do not promise to meet any deadlines. We will try, but never guarantee.
  • Patience is required to ensure your plush's quality as there can be unforeseen delays. Although our waitlist can look daunting, we tend to work quickly once a plush is in progress, but at times outside factors such as health, family, event preparation, and human need to take small breaks to avoid burnout can affect our schedule. We always try to keep everyone on board of any delays on our social media outlets.



  • We will post progress shots on Twitter and Instagram, and will send you occasional updates (when we begin the initial phase of your custom, when we begin the final/assembly stage, and when it's complete).
  • Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or ask for updates. Do not however, ask for updates every single day (we've had a couple instances of this and these people got mad when we didn't carry on elongated conversations with them every hour of every day....don't be like those people).
  • Once your custom is complete we will send you pictures before we ship it (if it's a physical item) to confirm you are happy with the final result.



Physical Items:
  • If your custom order is a physical item, it will be mailed to you once you have approved the final product. Shipping typically takes 3-5 business days (domestic). International orders can take several weeks. We are not responsible for any delays in shipping.
  • Once the plush is sent out, it is no longer our responsibility! We primarily ship via USPS, using Priority Mail/Standard Mail for domestic orders, and International First-Class/Priority for orders outside of the U.S.. Expedited services are available and full insurance for Priority & up can also be purchased. We will never send an order through a service where tracking is unavailable (this includes First-Class International to some countries).
  • We no longer ship plushies to the EU, sorry.

Digital Items:

  • If your custom order is a digital art commission, the final result and what you will receive is a full-resolution PNG digital file. You will receive both a watermarked, and non-watermarked version.
  • We do not give access to any of our PSD, AI, or PDF files. When you order a digital art commission form us, you are paying for the PNG files ONLY.
  • You are responsible for your files once we have transferred them to you. If you lose them, we cannot resend them to you as we delete them forever on our side for storage space reasons.



Artistic Interpretation:

  • Please leave room for some artistic interpretation. We are fine with strict orders, but make sure you give us very clear details if you want something very specific. We prefer reference pictures over text or verbal descriptions.
  • We always do our absolute best to make your custom commission as perfect as possible and according to your vision, but we also need cooperation. If there are any specific details we must not forget, be sure to tell us.
  • Please keep in mind that we have our own personal art styles; if you prefer one of us specifically (Rhi or David), please let us know beforehand which person you prefer to have work on your custom.

NSFW and Other Limitations

  • Right now we do not create NSFW work or any fetishes or sexual scenes.

Trades, Free Art, Discounts, and Exposure

  • We do not create customs for free, nor do we offer any special discounts for special circumstances. Please understand that we are real people with real bills and real lives, and we use what little profit we make from our work to pay our bills/house, put food on the table, and run our shop. Do not guilt-trip us into creating free art for you. Everyone has a sob story and if you are not willing to pay for our work then we politely ask that you seek artisans that fit more within your budget ♥︎
  • We do not offer our services or any of our work for free in exchange for exposure. Exposure is not eatable, nor does it cover our overhead.
  • We are open to trades, however. If, when, and what we will trade for is dependent on many factors and determined on a case by case scenario. Please contact us if you would like to make a trade!
  • Disrespecting either of us, our work, and violating any of our T&Cs will result in a permanent ban from our shop as well as a ban on all commission work requested.



  • As the creators and artists of all physical creations and art/images created in our shop, we retain all rights to use WIP images, finished product images, or edited products as part of our portfolio here on our website, on social media, on Patreon, on DeviantArt, YouTube, and anywhere else we choose. If the character does not belong to us (i.e. if it's a character you have created), then you (or the owner) will be credited in the description wherever we post the images.
  • We retain full rights to all our images, patterns (for plush), and molds/casts (for statues) and when commissioning us you understand we have the right to post said images on our website and across various platforms (again, with credit to you/the owner).
  • Our custom commissions are for personal and non-commercial/monetary use ONLY unless stated otherwise before commissioning us (logos, design work, emotes, etc.)
  • No redistributing or reselling. All rights to the work (both physical and digital) we’ve made belong to us and you are not authorized to resell them or use them for any selling/monetary gain purposes. You may print yourself a personal version (for yourself only) of a digital artwork you have commissioned us to do, but you cannot sell or make merchandise with them. If you wish to use the art we've created for you for a commercial purpose (logo, merchandise, etc), ask us about royalty/licenses. Twitch Emotes/Badges have their royalties included.
  • We ask that you always credit us (preferably a tag on social media and a link back to our website https://www.rhiandddept.com) when sharing images of the work we've created for you.
  • When sharing images of digital art commissions we've made for you, use only the watermarked version. Non-watermarked versions are for personal use only and should never be shared online. This is to protect us and our work from art thieves, as well as the money you have spent to have us create the work for you.
  • All digital artwork commissions are signed (by Rhiannon Lee Smith) (except logos, emotes, and badges). You are not allowed to remove/edit the signature or watermark from any of our images/artwork.
  • You are not allowed to "recreate" any of our work, nor redistribute or sell it in any way.
  • You are not allowed to take credit for our work, nor allowed to pass any of our work off as your creations.


  • Once a custom has been paid for and we have begun work on it, it cannot be cancelled.
  • Cancellations for custom commissions are accepted ONLY if we have not started your commission yet. If we have not started, we will refund you 100% of the cost. If we have already bought/acquired materials for your project, but haven't started working on it, we will refund you minus the cost of the materials.
  • There are no refunds or returns on custom orders. No exceptions.


  • As mentioned above, we have all rights to post images and/or videos of your commission.
  • We will never claim your character as our own or take credit for your idea. We simply take your character or idea and create it for you in whatever medium you choose. You still own the rights to your character (for example if you are an author, you still hold all rights to your book character). We just own the rights to the images we have taken while working on your custom (i.e. WIP photos of us creating your custom and the finished product for our portfolio here on our website).
  • We will never recreate your specific character to sell to other people (the only exception is to copyrighted characters such as a custom colored Pokemon, etc. as you do not own the rights to those characters).
  • At this time we no longer offer Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) as this limits our rights to use images of our work that feature your idea or character. If you prefer that we don't post pictures of your commission, you can ask us, however we still have the right to post these images at our discretion.
  • All your personal information is completely confidential. Under no circumstances will we reveal your private info, even if someone asks.


Password when inquiring about a custom commission:  squimbus



We are a very small shop (it’s just the two of us making and running everything). We ask that you please be understanding of this and be respectful of our time too. We are real people with lives (I have a full time job outside of Rhi & D Dept), and as such are not available 24/7. We work throughout the week, and occasionally during the weekends when we have nothing else going on. We try to spend our weekends relaxing, enjoying our home, and spending time together. We will never waste your time, and we ask that you please respect our time as well ♥︎