General Info About Our Custom Commissions



Below is some general info regarding our custom commissions, such as payment, pricing, processing time, and how it works.  

Please read through our terms before inquiring about a custom commission. By commissioning us for a custom, you agree to all our T&Cs listed here.


  You can view our current orders and commissions queue here 



What is a custom?
  • A commission is a custom order made specifically for you. A custom order is designed according to your specifications (size, materials, etc.), and is truly one of a kind.
  • Your custom can be based off a drawing you've made, a photograph, game/movie/anime character, or anything else you want.
Types of Custom Work Offered:
  • We specialize in custom plush commissions, however we offer these other types of custom commissions as well:
  • For more info on each type of custom commission, please click the links above to view each corresponding section.

How do I guarantee a slot?

  • We do not accept every commission, and therefore do not have slots. We consider ourselves in an “always open” status, unless otherwise noted. Typically we maintain a steady flow of customs year-round, however sometimes we cut off our customs or take a short break. Whether or not we accept a custom commission depends on a few different factors, but some reasons we reject inquiries are: 
    • Sometimes we already have a long list of customs we are working on
    • we may not be interested in creating the character you’ve submitted
    • or we are just simply busy or not wanting to work on customs at the moment (we are people too and need a break every now and then!)
  • You can, however join our community on Patreon and receive priority on our custom commission slots ♥︎
How do I begin my custom?
  • There are a couple different ways in which you can begin your custom commission inquiry:
    • fill out our contact form here
    • email us directly at (Subject: Custom [PLUSH, STATUE, OR ITEM] Inquiry)
    • message us on Instagram (although we prefer the first two :) )



  • Price quotes stay valid for up to 3 months; after that your quote is subject to change.
  • Once we’ve discussed all the details and set a price for your custom commission, we will send you an invoice through PayPal. Unless otherwise discussed, full payment is required upfront before we start work on your custom plush or custom statue. (Sometimes we offer payment plans; any payment plans need to be discussed beforehand). 
  • Regular customers who have ordered a custom from us in the past are welcome to pay in installments, as we’ve already built a level of trust with them.



    How much is a custom plush commission, art print, or custom statue?
    • Some custom plush makers and artists have a starting price for their work. We do not have a starting price, as every custom piece is completely different.
    • Prices depend on complexity of the character, materials/fabrics used, size, and how soon you want it done. You can check out our specific custom pages (plush, statue, and art) to get a better understanding of how we price our customs.

    Why this price?
    • You are buying a handmade, customized product, that we put a lot of time and effort into making. We always do our best to make something that you will love and cherish. High quality materials, long labor hours, quality machinery and equipment all factor into the final price.
    • These are not mass produced factory toys— they are one of a kind art pieces that can take anywhere from 10-100+ hours to make. We take great pride in making each piece the best we can. We believe you get what you pay for; cheaper plush toys and custom statues tend to be made of cheaper materials, not as durable, and not as professional looking. 
    • We also spend time researching possible fabrics for you to choose from, developing patterns and prototypes, and a bunch of other “behind the scenes” stuff that most people don’t realize go into making our customs.
    • (If you do not like our pricing please consider purchasing a mass produced/official plush instead, or find someone that may suit your budget more.)



    • After payment, your custom commission will then be worked on throughout the upcoming weeks, together with any other orders we are working on during that time. We will post work in progress shots on our social media accounts, unless you specifically request otherwise. During this time we are extremely busy, but we will try to keep you updated throughout the process. 
    • Some revisions will incur additional charges. What types of revisions result in additional charges varies from case to case, but generally redoing embroidery, completely altering a plush pattern that is already assembled, an entire repaint of a finished statue, and other large-scale revisions will require additional payment before said revisions will be made. These additional charges aren’t common, however they do require a significant amount of time and work and thus are not free.
    • As soon as your custom  is finished we will send you pictures of it to make sure you are happy with the finished product. If your custom is a physical product, we will then ship it to you with tracking info and insurance. At this time, we will also double-check the shipping address.



    • As soon as your custom is finished we will send you pictures of it to make sure you are happy with the finished product. If your custom is a physical product, we will then ship it to you with tracking info and insurance. At this time, we will also double-check the shipping address.
    • Shipping for customs is not included in the base price and will be calculated on a case by case basis.
    • Note that shipping can be expensive depending on your location and the size/weight of your finished item.
    • We ship packages once a week.
    • Shipping varies; typically 5-7 business days (domestic), and up to several weeks for international orders. We are not responsible for any delays in shipping.
    • Once your item is shipped, we are no longer responsible for it.
    • We no longer ship to the EU, sorry!



    • Processing time on our custom commissions varies by order. Customs can take anywhere from 2 weeks to several months, but most average around 3 to 8 weeks.
    • Processing times are also subject to change based on any issues that may arise, shipping delays, and any revisions requested. 
    • We ask that you please be understanding of this and be patient as we always strive to create the best possible work we can. Everything we make is 100% handmade which takes a tremendous amount of time, work, brain power and resources.
    • You can view our current queue here to get an idea of how much work we currently have and where your commission would fall in line.
    • Patience is required to ensure your plush's quality as there can be unforeseen delays. Although our waitlist can look daunting, we tend to work quickly once a plush is in progress, but at times outside factors such as health, family, event preparation, and human need to take small breaks to avoid burnout can affect our schedule. We always try to keep everyone on board of any delays on our social media outlets.





    We are a very small shop (it’s just the two of us making and running everything). We ask that you please be understanding of this and be respectful of our time too. We are real people with lives (I have a full time job outside of Rhi & D Dept), and as such are not available 24/7. We work throughout the week, and occasionally during the weekends when we have nothing else going on. We try to spend our weekends relaxing, enjoying our home, and spending time together. We will never waste your time, and we ask that you please respect our time as well ♥︎